pumpkin smoothie recipe

Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

I really wanted to design a smoothie recipe that will allow me to take advantage of all the great fall flavors and nutrition. Some of the things that come to mind – sweet potato, pumpkin, apples, ginger, and cinnamon. Very warm flavors that are also guaranteed to provide me with a lot of fall nutrition. Make use of this recipe to try out some sunflower seed butter and see if you like it.

cauliflower rice oatmeal

Cauliflower Rice Oatmeal

Cauliflower is an extremely healthy vegetable and is very low in calories. Cauliflower happens to be really delicious too. It has a mild nutty flavor that comes through with a hint of sweetness that’s very addictive. Because of its very versatile flavor profile, cauliflower has recently become a vegan switch-up superstar in other traditionally meat dishes. Try this “faux”  oatmeal recipe and you will be pleasantly surprised at what your taste buds will discover!

healthy hormone detox smoothie

Healthy Hormone Detox Smoothie

A combination of flaxseeds, coconut oil, and maca powder has been known to provide great assistance to your body to rebalance your hormones especially as you manage your menopause symptoms. Flaxseeds contain compounds called lignans, which have been shown to help your body regulate the levels of estrogen in your body. Maca powder is not only great for regulating your thyroid; they are also great hormones balancers.

Wholesome Homemade Cereal

Wholesome Homemade Cereal

Start your day off right with this nutrient packed breakfast. This healthy recipe includes something from each food group for a balanced and energizing start to your day. It will help fill you up and keep you satisfied until lunch. Plus, it is packable. Throw your mixture in a mason jar and you have a healthy breakfast to grab and go on a busy morning.

Chocolate Coconut Pudding

Chocolate Coconut Pudding

No reason to count the calories! This guiltless recipe has bountiful health benefits while helping to improve your memory, improve heart health, balance blood sugar metabolism, improve weight loss, control food cravings, boost your immunity and is a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant.