Cranberry orange relish recipe

Cranberry Orange Relish Recipe

Cranberries should not be the star only during Thanksgiving with all the warm fuzzy feelings of the holiday season. That’s because they easily live up to their title as a superfood. Cranberries are packed full of antioxidants and are extremely low in calories. They also contain excellent amounts of vitamins A, C, and K. Regular consumption of cranberries are shown to prevent a wide range of diseases like recurring urinary tract infections and so much more.

easy cauliflower rice recipe

Easy Cauliflower Rice Recipe

I love the notion of using vegetables as a substitute for grains for those people with grain sensitivities or following a Paleo diet! Also, I am always exploring creative ways to sneak in the extra veggies in my diet and even a surprisingly kid-friendly substitute. When the cauliflower rice frenzy began, I was on board! Consuming cauliflower-rice is an enjoyable and satisfying way to promote many health benefits.

Sweet Potato Buckwheat Muffins

Sweet Potato Buckwheat Muffins

A healthy, light and fluffy muffin recipe with a hidden vegetable inside- A sweet potato! These flourless sweet potato muffins need only one bowl and are packed full of protein, fiber and take less than 25 minutes to whip up- Naturally gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free, it’s the perfect healthy snack to enjoy, especially this festive season!