I am off my insulin and my blood sugar is less than 100. I am 42 years old and have had type 2 diabetes for 23 years. For the past couple of years, I have been having a hard time controlling my blood sugar levels. I heard about Angela and decided to have a session with her because the medication my doctor gave me was not enough to control my blood sugar. I had been prescribed insulin and was not happy about taking it. When I first met Angela I was not sure if I was going to be able to change my lifestyle. However, I did it and I feel so much better. I have more energy, my sleeping is much better and I now sleep like a baby. I am very satisfied with my food diet. My digestive system is much better. I now burn calories more quickly. My bowel movements have improved. My stress is less. I lost 38 lbs. I used to weigh 158 lbs. and now weight 120 lbs. I am off my insulin and my blood sugar is less than 100 on a regular basis. My expectations with Angela have been met and surpassed. I know that I still have to continue with my efforts to maintain my blood sugar levels so the problem doesn’t come back. It is only four months since I started my program and I so am happy I met Angela.

Claudia, D

All of my initial symptoms were cleared without drugs or surgery, the bonus was I lost 5 lbs. Prior to my visit with Angela, I was experiencing poor sleep, ringing in my left ear, nausea, and vertigo. These were medical conditions that my medical doctor could not cure or even detect the reason after going for an MRI. After one month and hormone balancing with Angela, I was able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Nausea and vertigo cleared up the second month. Angela detected a parasite in my liver and cleared it after one month. By the third month, the ringing in my ears was almost gone. I also cleared some trauma and interference fields on my body by mud packing them. Vertigo and ringing in my ears are completely gone. My expectations with seeing Angela were exceeded because all of my initial symptoms were cleared without drugs or surgery. The bonus was I also lost five pounds and have a flatter stomach using food and supplements that Angela recommended.

Amelia, M
Amelia M

This detox really helped jump start my weight loss. The majority of my life I’ve always been considered to be overweight. No matter what diet I have tried nothing seemed to work. I started seeing Angela and she noticed that I was very toxic. I was also feeling very sluggish and tired. She introduced me to many detox programs, one of them being the 14-day paleo cleanse detox. This detox really helped jump start my weight loss. It was manageable for me to do, especially while working. This detox program was easy to use. During the detox, I’ve noticed many things. I was more energetic. I felt less bloated and the swelling around my stomach went down. My weight also dropped. I’ve felt much better about myself. The detoxes that I have done have really helped me overall. As long as you’re motivated and have a positive attitude that’s all you need. I also couldn’t have done it without the support of Angela. She has really helped me throughout it all.

Sara A
Sara, A

Within 6 WEEKS of my compliance, I was, and still am, FEELING TERRIFIC! I lost 28 lbs (I fit into clothes I wore when I was 20 yrs old).

Kathy, S
Kathy, S

Angela is a great presenter! She shared so much information with us today on how superfoods are so important to our health. I never knew there were so many super foods available. I am going to add many of these superfoods to my daily diet now!

Diane, F St. Francis Hospital, NY
Diane, FSt. Francis Hospital, NY

I can’t believe how much information I learned about handling my digestive problems. I have had digestive problems since I was a young girl and thought that it was normal. I am thrilled to know what I can do to change my situation.

Harriet, L Rotary, White Plains, NY
Harriet, L, Rotary White PlainsWhite Plains, NY

I have learned soo much about healthy eating that I had no clue about before. I always thought I was pretty healthy until I found out more from Angela’s talk today. What a revelation!

Carlos, V Testimonial Nutrition Key Angela T Russo
Carlos, VAtos, White Plains, NY