Angela is a great presenter! She shared so much information with us today on how superfoods are so important to our health. I never knew there were so many super foods available. I am going to add many of these superfoods to my daily diet now!

Diane, F St. Francis Hospital, NY
Diane, FSt. Francis Hospital, NY

I can’t believe how much information I learned about handling my digestive problems. I have had digestive problems since I was a young girl and thought that it was normal. I am thrilled to know what I can do to change my situation.

Harriet, L Rotary, White Plains, NY
Harriet, L, Rotary White PlainsWhite Plains, NY

I have learned soo much about healthy eating that I had no clue about before. I always thought I was pretty healthy until I found out more from Angela’s talk today. What a revelation!

Carlos, V Testimonial Nutrition Key Angela T Russo
Carlos, VAtos, White Plains, NY